What’s it like working with Lionel on your Facebook Ads?

Perk Coffee

I’m working with Paul Berthelsen, founder of Perk Coffee, a coffee ecommerce company based in Singapore and Malaysia. Paul shares what it’s been like working with me and about the result of generating $200,000 in life time value within the last quarter of 2018.

habbot shoes

I worked with habbot shoes https://habbotstudios.com which is a women’s shoe brand in Melbourne from October this year. Using video ads and messenger campaigns we were able to double their revenue for their in person and online warehouse sale (approx 6 figures of sales in 4 weeks)

Mark Bowness

Mark Bowness https://markbowness.com.au runs a coaching business. In 2017 we worked with him to develop several videos, new offers, and new campaigns and we to took him from losing money with Facebook to generating $300,000 in sales (at about 15X ROAS) in 3 months.