The New Moguls Podcast


Media & Entrepreneurship Has Changed & Asia Is At The Forefront Of A New Breed Of Business Mogul. 

Fresh ideas and innovative approaches are no longer censored or controlled by the old media gatekeepers of television and radio like in the past. In an age of information abundance and open access to audiences and market places, it's the producers and businesses that are able to serve their community valuable products and services told with a compelling story that are now standing out and getting everyone's attention. 

In this first season of The New Moguls, I go in search of innovators and creatives in Asia who are thinking differently and getting traction with their message and business models by thinking differently and giving value on the terms on their audience they seek to serve. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures and international business influences and one of the hottest new breeding grounds for innovative tech and media startups.