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Movers & Makers: Episode 1 - How To Make a Successful Documentary


We are hosting a new video show with a live audience as part of the Meetup, Melbourne Creative Professionals, which is relaunching next month. More about the Meetup here: 

In this show we invite duos or teams from various creative industries to speak about two distinct aspects of making a creative project a reality: 

1. We interview the Makers: who represent the artists, inventors, developers, performers or hands-on tinkerers involved. 

2. We interview the Movers: who represent the producers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, or investors involved in the project. 

Oftentimes creative people find themselves doing both making and moving, creating and distributing, especially on more independent projects, and it's all part of the creative process and something we'll explore in the show. 


Part 1 of the show: How did they MAKE IT?

This will involve interviewing the person or team behind making the thing, we'll ask questions like:  

  1. How did they come up with the idea for the thing they created?

  2. What was their creative process

  3. How did they go about crafting it into form? 

  4. What advice do they have for creative makers? 


Part 2 of the show: How did they MOVE IT?

(What's the good of making something if no-one sees or experiences it, right? ) We'll ask them questions like

  1. How did they get their creative thing out to people and the market?

  2. What factors of the market or audience influenced how they packaged or presented their creative endeavour?  

  3. What advice do they have for producers/curators/ distributors/investors? 

To get bold ideas launched, fresh art made, and audacious businesses started, these two creative camps NEED EACH OTHER!

We've developed this project in partnership with Pozible who are generously hosting and collaborating with us on a series of events at the Pozible HQ in Collingwood. 


Part 3 of the evening - [not recorded] 

Over to you, the audience! 


You’ll have the opportunity to share your creative projects to find your mover/maker counterparts, to make new creative friends and collaborators to get shit done! 

More to come on this soon.