Influencer Digest: Jon Malkovich can't get his .com, Snapchat IPO plans,& Pinterest Search Ads

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The best content marketing blog posts I’ve dug up this week.

Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of Its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App  - Ad Week

Snapchat revealed its plans for an IPO this week valuing the platform at around $20-25 Billion.  The platform is going through a lot of changes, particularly it's adnetwork. This in-depth article explains these changes and what we can expect coming up next. 

Pinterest Tests Search Ads: This Week in Social Media  - Social Media Examiner

Pinterest are just opening up a search based ad platform for a select number of advertisers. Having a contextual search product in such a visual platform will be a big deal ifthis opens up to the public.  Great run down here. 


Tomorrow in the US, the 2017 Super Bowl hits and it's still a big moment for brands, especially those willing to invest the $5M per 30 second TVC slot.  There's some great learnings to be gleaned from the brands who are also increasing leveraging social media.  

Super Bowl LI Is All About Doing It Live -  Ad Week

Many brands are utilising live broadcasts this year in the lead up and during the big game. From Snickers, to Wix, this is the latest. 

How the Trump era is shaping this year’s

Super Bowl ads  - Marketing Week

This is a great snapshot into the politicised environment of content and advertising during the Super Bowl and beyond. Particularly pertinent for US audiences.


What: Squarespace launch but it's already taken?   

Digital, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. 

Why:  Instead of the usual run down, this week I'm featuring a campaign that has been beautifully executed across all social channels, including a superbowl ad spot for tomorrow.  

Squarespace redesigned Jon Malkovich's new fashion label website and created a compelling story of Jon reinventing himself as a fashion designer. With witty movie references and effective nuanced approaches for each of the social platforms, this is a fantastic example of a large scale influencer campaign executed perfectly.

Here's the website and YouTube: