Influencer Digest: Relationship advice, top YT ads, and beautiful food grams.

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What: How I Grew from Zero to 1 Million Users - Ok Dork

Why: Noah Kagan put together this great blog post which breaks down his marketing method to generate 1M users in 6 months. An incredible feat he manages with a great product and quant marketing with excellent spreadsheets you can download.   

What: Without Emotional Advertising, Your Landing Page Won’t Work. Here’s How to Get It Right. - 

Why: Neil Patel delivers the goods as usual. This is an excellent post where Neil breaks down the psychology of a landing page, including the emotional effects of colours, images, and copy. 

What: Top 10 YouTube Ads in January: Clash Royale spot ranks No. 1 with 11.1M views


In case you weren’t aware, this is a fantastic list of inspiration from the best ads each month from Marketing Land, I just discovered this. 


What: Nicole Arbour

Why: Nicole produces some hilarious videos about dating, relationships, music, and just really funny stuff, check her out. 


What: Amy Schmittauer

Why: Amy has developed a unique vlogging style on YouTube, covering business and social media topics with fun music and comedy themes. She been featured by Gary Vaynerchuck and she’s launched a vlogging book recently. 


What: @geeohsnap

Why: geeohsnap demonstrates some of the creative and artistic capabilities on Snapchat with his hand drawn monsters and characters. He also encourages audience participation very well. 


What: Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver

Why:  Jamie Oliver is of course well known and it’s unsurprising he has a huge following on Instagram. However, there’s a lot to be learned from how he mixes video content from his YouTube channel, his use of still imagery, and short call to action content on the gram. Check it.