Influencer Digest: 2017 social trends, viral ice-cream, and the biggest drone ever.

Welcome to the first INFLUENCER DIGEST where I'm sharing the best news and instructional posts from content producing and marketing and some of the best case studies across social media for you to apply to your business.  


The best content marketing blog posts I've dug up this week.

What: Foundr Blog 

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Why: An exhaustive guide on how one of the fastest growing business Instagram accounts amassed its followers. has exploded in growth and popularity and their Instagram content is detailed and insightful. Some great stuff in here. 

What: Buffer Blog 

5 Under-the-Radar Social Media Studies to Make You A Smarter Marketer

Why: Some great research trends of the social networks and trends that emerged in 2016 including effective types of gamification and customer loyalty. 

What: The Hubspot Blog

7 Trends That Will Change Social Media in 2017

Why: Hubspot have put together a great summary of the big trends that are changing social media and content marketing, including live video, messenger apps, Instagram vs Snapchat, and continued emergence of VR. 



Messina Gelato

Why: Consistent post strategy & high engagement. 

When you have a visually appealing product, your posts don't have to be complicated and Messina, an Australian Ice-cream shop knows this. They use high quality photography and simple videos showing the various flavours being made and they consistently produce the same style of imagery with a daily post.

Viral Success

They also recently took advantage of a unique opportunity to create a video from a customer's voicemail left on new year's eve and it went viral. 

Is your brand ready to create content for opportune moments like this?


What: Casey Neistat
Why: Apart from being a very entertaining and innovative video released over the holidays,I wanted to point to a powerful branding strategy here.
This is a video sponsored by Samsung, who have built a long term relationship with Casey Neistat, a YouTube influencer, which has enabled them to create opportunities for truly standout content and distribution.   


Cyrene Quiamco @CyreneQ

Cyrene is one of the most unique influencers on Snapchat. She goes to great lengths to create beautiful visuals and cartoons with the Snapchat drawing and art features which appeals to her specific niche. 
Her posts are also almost always useful, and describing a fun or useful game of way to use Snapchat.

"I create stories that transforms the world into something magical with Snapchat art".


What: Foundr

Why:  As I featured in best blogs, Foundr has amassed 958k followers in under two years so they're doing a lot of things right. 

Along with great original entrepreneurship content, they also curate some top inspirational content from many other accounts in the space.