What does it mean to do your most important work?

I think we all have an inkling or tug from some force within us to create something that is authentically ours, expresses a persistent commitment we have, and makes an impact on others, this is our most important work. This takes many forms: 

  • If you’re artistically leaning, this is likely your artwork and your commitment for others who experience your work. 
  • If you’re entrepreneurial, it would be your new venture ideas and the outcome you want for people who experience your business. 
  • If you’re philanthropically minded, it could be your leadership to impact a cause and the difference that makes. 

Oftentimes we feel a pressure to pursue something in our career or business from external forces. 

Our path just happened to lead a certain way and we were influenced firstly by our parents, then friends, school peers, University,  career counsellors, and random strangers and we find ourselves doing daily activities “going through the motions” and living a life that isn't truly “ours". Said in another way, we find we’re not expressing our deep, internal inspiration, but rather we’re expressing a reaction to our external circumstances and the wants and needs of others. 

What stops you following this deep inspiration. 

To follow that internal inspiration to something new like a new theatre piece, film clip, new business, music EP,  especially at first, feels very risky because it feels like our ideas and direction aren’t validated externally. The primitive part of your brain responsible for automatic reactions to keep you safe (I call it the lizard brain) doesn’t like new, unproven approaches to anything. Human beings have evolved over about 200,000 years and have survived particularly well not because of anything like a hard shell or poisonous spines like other species, but because of a highly sophisticated fear centre in our brains that can predict threats and give us thoughts and actions that deal with those threats. 

This force represents an extreme negative interpretation of any given environment, and it is the complete opposite to authentic, inspiration and self expression, love. 


How to use this fear as a compass. 

The insidious thing about this ancient reptile brain, is it perceives authentic love and creative expression as the ultimate threat to it’s survival and will do almost anything to destroy it or at the very least minimise it down to a manageable level you’ve dealt with before. 

The more you truly love something the more vehemently this brain will resist it. 

This is why it’s the perfect compass, a device you can use to guide you to following your truest desires. 


Start to notice the projects you’ve let fall by the wayside and which of them do you feel the most fear, resistance, and want to avoid the most. That’s a great place to start exploring a new path that will make you feel alive and to do the work that is most important to you and will make the most impact on others.