Hi Adam. 

I've just put my response and ideas into this single page for clarity (don't worry this isn't discoverable in Google).

Having read through your brochure I saw your incredible success with Selmar Institute of Education and I have a new approach I want to run past you. 

  • 68% increase in sales conversion is an incredible result and instead of being at the back of your brochure, I think this should be front and centre of your site. Marcus Sellen is a good looking digital marketing manager of a multi-million dollar company and with the help of Alkhemy he's hitting his targets out of the park. Would you agree this is exactly who your prospects want to be? Marcus also has a great personal story that we hint at to give the video a human feel:  http://www.theage.com.au/news/business/dropout-moves-to-top-of-class/2007/06/15/1181414546467.html

  • If we can't use Marcus for the video, could we shoot a video of another satisfied customer?

  • A well shot testimonial video with a happy customer explaining your product is always going to convert better than an explainer video by the company. I'm sure you're familiar with Hubspot. They utilise a testimonial video about ShoreTel which has been on their main product page for quite some time so I know it's converting well (video from 2014). I think this could work very well for Alkhemy. 


Here's the link to the Hubspot landing page I'm referring to: Hubspot Landing Page Link


A quick mock up here shows that we could include some video footage in the background from the shoot with a call to action to watch the video to find out how marketers can transform their ROI. 




Below is a sample reel of our director Jon-Michael's work, former TVC agency director, he'd be shooting the video. 


  • Would Marcus Sellen or any of your other clients be open to shooting a video like this? If not we can look at other options including the purely animated path.
  • When is your deadline on this? 


We could produce a professional video like the ShoreTel video for between $7,500 - $8,500 + GST once we have a conversation I could give you a more exact quote. 

This includes

  • 2-2.5 minute video and (1 full day of shooting interview and overlay)
  • Overlay background video for homepage
  • Script and story board (produced with your team's input) 
  • Colour grading & music track
  • Strategy for how to best present the video for maximum conversion on your site
  • Simple graphics explaining the software package overlaid onto the footage
  • 1 round of edits where you're invited into the edit suite to see the first draft and make changes

We're also certainly able to produce animated explainer videos but I think this sort of video will have much better results as you have established clients with great results. 

Happy to discuss further in person.


Lionel Jackman

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